aNella Designs


Thanks for visiting my shop. aNella Designs is currently the work of a graduate student by day and a designer by night.

aNella Designs started with making jewelry for fun modifying everything I owned into something I loved! With time, my designs have evolved into a variety of styles. I enjoy working with fine quality crystals and pearls.

I customize requests with specific details such as color, size, length, and style. 
Want something different? Send me a description and I'll put it together!

I started aNella Designs during my first summer in college. Before that, I was always taking my old jewelry and modifying them to my taste. I would use any old pliers and cutters l could find around the house and use it to modify the old wires already molded by time. 

Then one day I happened to pass by a bead store while walking around the historic Harvard Square (I live in Boston). I fell in love with the different textures and colors of beads. Suddenly a whole new world of possibilities seemed to have opened. I bought my first mini set of jewelry hand tools that day and went straight home to use them. 

For a long time I designed jewelry for myself and for giving gifts to others. After some time, I started to receive requests from friends asking if I would make something unique for them to give to a loved one on their birthday or anniversary. That is how aNella Designs came to life. 

I take pride in working with high quality crystals and beads that last a very long time even after years of wear.